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Dreams of our immigrant children

Many of us children of immigrants and immigrant children live in the shadow of our parents – some, literally.

You will see us working in the backs of dry cleaners in the daytime and cleaning offices in the night-time. Some of us are so young that all we can do is hang around our parents’ fruit cart.

It is our duty to help out with the family business. It means losing time for study and extracurricular activities – an unfair reality. But, not helping would be even worse.

Sometimes, things get confusing. While our parents have certainly made sacrifices for us to live here, this was never our dream.

And, many of us grow up wondering:

When will our day come – the day when we get started on our own dreams?

That’s why I am starting Dreamday.

It’s a way to connect the strengths of Silicon Valley with the dreams of immigrant youth, with a little bit of faith for a better future.

If you are interested, please let me know by signing up for updates here.

Yes – we will get started soon.

James from Dreamday