“One day,” starts today.

Dreamday is a career and business initiator for immigrant and BIPOC people building a more meaningful future of work.

As a project of PASTORIA, its mission is to bring to life #CreativeCourage in the world through immigrant and BIPOC people.


All across the United States of America, and beyond, the children of immigrants bear the heavy burden of helping with the family business, doing well in school, and holding high their family image.

You see, these children often hear of the sacrifice that their parents made so that they could have a better life. But, ironically, these children end up living the life that their parents shape for them and not their own dreams.

This was exactly the experience of James, the founder of Dreamday, who began to have interest in entrepreneurship, media creation, and new product development. He realized that these make up the language of dreams in this digital era.

So, James decided that there should be an easier way – maybe even an app – for immigrant and BIPOC people to make new options for themselves instead of choosing the best possible option from the ones given to them.

And, that’s how Dreamday was born.