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Our mission is to enable immigrant, BIPOC young people to pursue their own eco-conscious version of the American Dream.

Dreamday is a small, medium business initiatorlike an accelerator, but with more focused outcomes.

We seek to overcome the human challenge of climate change – by connecting ecological and economic prosperity.

Every generation has its own language of fulfillment – entrepreneurship is that language for today and tomorrow.

Through it, immigrant and BIPOC youth can actualize their creativity, courage, and ambition.

— a project of PASTORIA


James is himself the child of immigrants.

He grew up following along his clergy father and his mother into dry cleaners, liquor stores, and swap meets. There, James would frequently find next generation immigrant children, like himself, helping out with the family business.

Over time, James saw a significant disadvantage for immigrant and BIPOC youth: we do not see enough clear paths (or examples) of “success” for people like us. At the same time, the cultural phenomenon of “making your own way” in Silicon Valley rapidly became popular.

So, James came up with a way to connect both through Dreamday.

James, along with his father, is an alum of Claremont School of Theology where he earned a Master’s of Divinity (M.Div).