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"One day,"
starts today.

"One day,"
starts today.

Dreamday gets immigrant, BIPOC young people started on their climate-conscious entrepreneurial dreams.

Our pre-seed sponsorship goal for 2022 = $22,000

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Dreamday looks up to Shazi Visram

As a child of immigrants, Shazi lived in the motel her parents owned and operated. One day, she started a company for healthy baby foods. Today, Happy Baby Organics brings in $200 million a year. Listen to her story on How I Built This by Guy Raz.



Over four weeks, participants get:

  1. Custom-made video-based education on how to start a small, medium business.
  2. Small group coaching on believing in yourself and handling family conflict.
  3. A collective of like-minded young people for support and encouragement.
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An initiator is an entrepreneurship program that prepares a person to start on their business idea. Simply put, it is like an accelerator or incubator without the initial prospects for venture-scale returns.

As immigrant and BIPOC children often help in the family business, they face disadvantages. Notably, they lose time for learning things such as career and business know-how common in American culture. These are what Dreamday affords such young people and their family.

Dreamday is currently a for-profit project of PASTORIA. It is in-between Angel investing and charitable giving / donations. We call this: “Saint Investing.”

The standard program is for four weeks. Each participant goes through 1) video-based education and then 2) live, guided reflection on key topics.

  • Teaching is by those who have experienced being an immigrant or BIPOC and/or entrepreneurship. (1 hr / week)
  • Guidance is provided by a personal coach well-versed in interaction with immigrant and/or BIPOC young people. (1 hr / week)

Youth will come out of this with:

  • The ability to develop a product or service and have empathy for the customer.
  • A business model and an understanding of basic business finances.
  • Plans for a marketing and sales funnel.
  • Better communications skills for family, friends, and customers.

Dreamday invites venture, founders, corporations, foundations, churches, and individuals to sponsorship at four levels.